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Transitioning to
Conscious Nutrition
Discover your healthy & harmonic life


While healthy eating - in the sense of harmonic with our individual system - is our birthright, for many of us it seems like taking the plunge into eating a whole foods-based diet is the equivalent to traveling to some distant land. But it doesn’t have to be such a scary or foreign experience.


Fasting represents a period of detachment. We will engage in release exercises to put aside need patterns that we generally belief. Fasting produces a distention of our physical and emotional system that sensitizes us allowing us to go deeper into our own unconscious. This can be an opportunity for development of consciousness.

From Toxic to Conscious

When our bodies become “toxic,” it means that our natural means of ushering out metabolic waste from normal human metabolism, environmental pollution, stress, emotional experiences, and what has become known as the standard diet have exceeded the threshold for what the body’s innate detoxification system can tolerate on its own. With this toxic load, every system in the human body can become affected. From our head to our toes and everything in between, toxicity makes us sick! Symptoms are your body's way of telling you that something is not in harmony and needs to be balanced. Understanding this underlying principle of any of our physical symptoms and finding its true origin opens our eyes maybe for the first time and lets us take back full responsibility of our health.

Understanding Conscious Nutrition

It is not a detox, it is not a diet, it is not temporary. Conscious Nutrition is a lifestyle-choice that is in harmony with your individual system and needs depending on what you are experiencing right now in your life. Everything you let into your system has tremendous effects on your overall wellbeing and health. We are talking about food, people, thoughts and emotions. As you raise your frequency you automatically become more aware of what is really in harmony with what you want to manifest in your life. Conscious Nutrition is a gateway that leads you to this raise in your awareness in order to make decisions that are aligned with your true purpose. It is a natural process of incorporating and experimenting new habits that will affect your whole life.


benefits of transitioning

Boosts your energy

Rids the body of any excess waste

Brings the body back to its original design

Stronger immune system

Improved skin

Less body smell

Better breath

Promotes healthy changes

Clearer thinking

Lighter feeling

Reversed Aging-Process

Reduces symptoms of numerous deseases

Improved sense of wellbeing



are you ready?


Like planning for any big trip to a new destination, we need to prepare and set out some main goals and milestones for our journey. A retreat helps us to have the adequate space and tranquility that we need in this process.

How to get started


We know, that it is not easy to find the right information and guidance as the internet is full of noise and popular (sometimes outdated) beliefs on nutrition and well-being. Increased mental focalization on certain aspects of our diet (Keto, carbohydrates, proteins, Detox-Supplements etc.) lead to confusion and distancing of what we feel in our own bodies. Instead of promoting "the best" nutrition we encourage you to experiment and find what "feels best" to you.

We have designed different programs based on our own experience and the experience of guiding others on their journey as we have been practicing conscious nutrition for years now and it has become part of who we are, we don't even think it about a lot anymore. 


We want to give you the opportunity to experience this autonomy of choosing what is right for you, of purifying and nurturing your body and your soul in the most harmonic way possible.

As it is a transition and you have to let go of certain habits and elements in your life it might get uncomfortable in the beginning. We encourage you to welcome these symptoms as a sign of your progress and navigate passed them with your will and a clear vision. Symptoms might be:

On a physical level:

- hunger

- bloating

- feeling tired

- sweating

- bad smell

On a mental level:

- resistance

- doubt

- wanting to quit

On a emotional level:

- raised levels of anxiety

- nervousness

- sadness

All these symptoms might have been in you all this time. The transitioning Process is like torch that shines a big bright spotlight on them so you experience them in an amplified way without your usual habits of putting them to sleep and hiding them away.

We have designed the transitioning process in a gradual way so you have time to get used to and adjust your habits. You can take it on your own pace depending on where you're at in your own personal life. It can be a slow year-long process or a vey accelerated approach depending on how fast or slow you want to go.

This is not a mental approach. We don't want to bore you with scientific information and long lists of benefits. We always provide you with trustworthy sources for that information.

What we do is intuitive, practical, experimental knowledge. You have to try it in order to know with your body what we are talking about.

We present you the principles that have worked for us and many people to heal their bodies from the effects of inflammation caused by disharmonic lifestyle-choices.

The anxiety


The food can be a drug used to pacify emotional processes and their origins in the unconscious. Food balances energy and satisfies anxiety through the palate. When you do not eat the unconscious reveals emotions, this is an opportunity to break these circuits.



Some of the benefits


  • Facilitates general and full  rest of vital organs.

  • Stops the intake of foods that are broken down in the gut and poison the body.

  • Empties the digestive tract.

  • Gives elimination organs a chance to catch up on their work. It helps eliminate and detoxify the body.

  • Resets biochemistry and physiology.

  • Promotes the disintegration and absorption of pus and mucus and tumors .

  • Rejuvenates the cells, tissues and organs .

  • Allows the conservation and recanalization of the vital energy.

  • Increases digestive and nutrient uptake capacity in both the digestive system and in each of the cells in the body.

  • Changes the mental state favoring an expansion of consciousness.

  • Improve the perception by the senses.

  • Allows weight reduction.



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