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Holistic Coaching  ON LINE
Online coaching is similar to coaching with live interaction, except everything is done online. So instead of making appointments to talk to your coach, you'll agree to a regularly scheduled day when you submit a coaching progress report.
When you report on your coaching progress, you'll be able to write about your successes, challenges, action items and goals.Your coach can then respond to your progress, asking powerful questions to help you move forward in your coaching. You can then respond in turn, and you can have a meaningful coaching exchange, completely online.
In between coaching progress days, your coach can use all the other coaching tools to further your coaching progress. They may assign homework and action items to move you forward; get you journaling about issues that come up during your regular coaching work; assign assessments to take a reading of where you are and where you want to be; set goals in conjunction with you to help them reach success; create and make available further resources; request feedback to calibrate your coaching and target it to your specific needs.
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