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The Human Design System, What is it?

Humans beings materialize our physical body in this reality 3D starting of an energy projection from higher dimensional realities in a synchronous and harmonious process.

Consequently, in order to bring our incarnation in a given context is subject to sync with the Cosmos, this synchrony is manifested through our integration to the energy of the stars at the time of our incarnation or embodiment in this universal matrix of space, time and material.

Therefore, it is possible to decipher the features we have in this incarnation through understanding the energy configuration of the Cosmos at the time of our birth and that this matrix is subject to the laws of cause and effect.

However, we can go even further, to the relationship of our genetic design with this energy configuration of the Cosmos. This is possible because the materialization of our body requires energy and information, and this information is printed in our DNA at the time of our incarnation. A fragment of this summary information is holographically projected in an energetic circuit and it can be understood by a system known as Human Design System.

We are hardware with software that governs our performance in this reality. This software can be modified in the course of our lives. Therefore it is "programmable" is being manipulated by the system of socialization-education and is also affected by traumatic-karmic doings.

Consequently manifest in our lives through programs that handle our behavior and perception of ourselves and that most of the time are disharmonious with our design, unconsciously taking us to the field of suffering.

Consequence of the above, we can define two expressions with which we manifest in our reality:

+ Harmonic Personal Manifestation (HPM), which represents the manifestation of our being through our human design in its harmonic energy state.

+ Disharmonious Personal Manifestation (DPM), the manifestation of our being through our human design governed by disharmonious programs handled by the system of socialization-education and is also affected by traumatic-karmic doings.

Much of our purpose in life is to understand and comprehend these programs, discover through a process of developing our consciousness, delete and / or modify those programs and replace disharmonious overtones our human design programs. In this way we will discover love ourselves and God in us. And live a loving and prosperity for ourselves and those around us and beyond harmonious and happy life.

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