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Archetypes Setting

The Archetypes dominate the timelines and it is from the creative imagination we can define new nodes of these lines. Whole we can experimenting is possible to represent in some set of circuits of complex structures.


The mental-emotional structure defines the reality that appears in front of us. The personality is composed of programs defined by traumas and karmic experiences. These have complex structures like the branches of a tree. Trying to change these programs and dissolve them one by one is very slow using the psychoanalytics processes or similars.


With this mission we can capture whole sets of programs and their branches describing them as a pattern that can be represented by an Archetype or even a set of Archetypes. In this way hundreds of these sets of programs including their complex connections can be extracted at the same time immediately.


In that same way but in inverse order it is possible to implant a new set of programs to replace the extracted ones.


These sets of Archetypes can be represented by different symbolic figures, geometries, characters, colors, sceneries and texts. One of the most common sets of Archetypes is the Tarot.


One can relate to the archetypes of the Tarot in a rational, intuitive and imaginative process. The imaginative creativity is very important. For this, the Tarot-Reader has to establish a connection with the alumnie in a different dimensional plane using time in an inverse sense to use the creative imagination to transit  from the future to the past in present time and thus helping to create a new expectation of the future which means to choose a new timeline.

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