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Human Design Concepts

We are hardware with software that governs our performance in this reality. This software can be modified in the course of our lives. Therefore it is "programmable",  it is being manipulated by the system of socialization-education and affected by traumatic-karmic doings. 

As consequence, we manifest ourselves through programs that handle our behavior and perception of ourselves and most of the time are disharmonious with our design, taking us unconsciously to the field of suffering.

We can define two expressions with which we manifest our reality:


+ Harmonic Personal Manifestation (HPM),

which represents the manifestation of our being through our human design in its harmonic energy state.


+ Disharmonious Personal Manifestation (DPM),

the manifestation of our being through our human design governed by disharmonious programs handled by the system of

socialization-education and affected by traumatic-karmic doings.


Much of our purpose in life is to understand and comprehend these programs, discover through a process of developing our consciousness, delete and / or modify those programs and replace disharmonious overtones our human design programs. In this way we will discover to love ourselves and God in us and live love and prosperity.

Human Design Coaching

The objective of the Human Design Coaching is to close the gap between the current desharmonius manifestation of your personality (DPM) and harmonic manifestation of your being (HPM).



Coaching is a practical way to address a theoretical personal knowledge and turn it into the experiential, through preparation and training. So that, in the field of unified mind (rational-crative-intuitive) it can be handled with practical expertise in daily life.


In this way we can change our perception of ourselves and the world around us minute by minute. Like all knowledge that must be practiced to assimilate, it initially requires a lot of concentration on the techniques used, but with practice these techniques become part of our daily performance on "autopilot".


This involves a review of several points of your personality at various levels. Each point once solved leaves you a pearl of knowledge and wisdom about yourself and the world around you.


This process represents the purification of your personal expression to make your energy flowing in your particular design.


This will result in harmonic performance with better results without stress in the context of your work,  in achieving materials goods, in your relationships with your partner, your family and your friends. In general, greater harmony with the world you create around you.

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