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2. Assessing where
you are right now


Coaching will help you get from where you are to where you want to be and how you want to feel.


As discussed earlier, an objective point of view is essential to put aside all those programs that interfere. To achieve your goals, you must be able to verify your outer reality as a reflection of your inner reality.


Beyond any material plan you've done in the field of disharmonious self-ego . Here it is necessary to refine your "attention" and communication channels with yur self-spirit. I will help you in my function "Mentor", as an alternative communication channel of your own self-spirit.


the internal process


Observe not only the external circumstances but also your own internal processes, habits and programs that could endanger your progress. You'll have to take this into account when addressing this goal, it is essential that you are open and that its assessment of reality is based on facts.

specific and descriptive

To help you, your coach will ask you questions that call for answers that are specific and descriptive, instead of general and judgmental.O'Connor and Lages plot the characteristics of coaching questions on the following scale:

4. Creating a strategy and
an action plan

In this step you define the strategy by which you will pass the actual state. From a holistic point of view this can be achieved without time and space,  it is possible to move from one state to another spontaneously. Time is subject to consciousness and in that sense may become irrelevant.


The strategy that you follow to achieve the state you yearn to have is unlike the plans usually made in 3D. It is very elastic and includes the Universe as co-creator, putting into action our "intention" from the field of intuitive mind (heart). At the same time you used your "attention" to perceive the signs that the universe sends you to adjust the plan harmoniously.



You have more opportunities


At this level, the strategy is no longer a linear path and becomes a tree of infinite possibilities. In this way, you go from limited to unlimited consciousness. The results you will achieve in the material world will surprise you.


In this plan , you will define which addictions, fears and insecurities are to be put aside. The apparent obstacles in your path  become opportunities.


After this work,  you and your coach will consolidate your commitment and track and put it into writing.  To see your progress between sessions, your coach will plant a seed that will allow you a series of reflections that will guide you in your default action. 

6. adjusting and keeping you on track
As well as keeping you motivated, your coach will make sure you stay on track. It's easier to commit to an action plan than to follow through. By using a series of coaching tools, your coach can keep you on track.
It is vital to monitor and make adjustments to the plan during its execution, so it fits the strategy defined above. Each adjustment will require your ability to detach and "drop" all those things that you have to let go of, to define new results in the plan.
Your coach will also keep calibrating by giving you self-assessments to measure such things as your values, or gaps in your life that need addressing.
Human Design Coaching
Knowledge is critical to understand, comprehend and love. To comprehend who we are and the context in which we live, comprehend others and the mechanics that governs the universe, itself is a way to balance.
Coaching is a systematic training for achievements thus requires a process with well-defined parts:

1. Where are you right now and where do yo want to go?


Beyond any material plan that you have done in the field of self-ego disharmonious. Here is necessary to refine our "attention" to refine our communication channels with your self-spirit and for that I will help you using one of my functions, Mentor role is a alternative communication channel your own self-spirit.


The current state in which you find yourself and your potential.


There are two versions of our ego-self with which we can face life. One is our original human design in its harmonic state and the other is a modified expression, a disharmonious version.


+ Harmonic Personal Manifestation (HPM),

which represents the manifestation of our being through our human design in its harmonic energy state.


Disharmonious Personal Manifestation (DPM),

the manifestation of our being through our human design governed by disharmonious programs handled by the system of

socialization-education and is also affected by traumatic-karmic echos.


PHM will be defined through human design with the rave chart. This is achieved with the use of your date, time and place of birth. The reading establishes the points of greatest importance and we see all those personal features that are part of your design. This human design chart will serve us like a  permanent reference point for the work that will come later.


The DPM be defined through an intuitive reading of your current personal statement, you recive information from your self-spirit by Mentor function. As this is your current personal statement, you'll recognize it as you go knocking beliefs and programs that bind to it. This modified expression of your being contains features of your harmonious human design.


Therefore, I will help you explore inside yourself to put aside all the things that are not yours and will route you to your purpose and happiness. This allows you to open the door to infinite possibilities and not just a few pre-made ​​and limited options.


Thus, the creation of reality around you, will be in harmony with your purpose and you will learn to navigate this creative flow reaching goals and objectives smoothly and without attachment to specific outcomes, but rather ongoing adaptation. So the final objectives are closely related to how you want to feel.


3. Reviewing your resources
and options
We will review all the resources , options and courses of action available to you that can help you achieve your goals. We will identify your resources. "The resources could be personal experiences , mentors, influential in your life, teacher, books, paintings , music people. " Resources are where we get our strength and inspiration. They help us  focus and achieve our goals. "
Holistic Tools
Here you will learn to use some holistic tools that may be new to you, and include them in your toolbox . These can be
  • Yoga

  • Breathing exercises

  • Meditation

  • Physical therapy

  • Nutrition and fasting




All these tools will be applied according to their

characteristics and needs.

We will exchange ideas and leave aside the judgment and skills to others and especially yourself (such as: "I'm not good at it ") and generates as many ideas as possible.
After a coaching session , we will put in writing what you and your coach have decided to reinforce your commitment and do tracking . It can create an action to follow after the session so you can report on your progress between sessions.
5. instilling motivation and commitment
Throughout the process, your coach will work to keep your motivation and commitment high. Motivation always originates from within—your coach will work with you to tap into its wellspring.
"Values are what are important to us; they are our deepest motivation."
Your coach will make sure to keep you in touch with your values so that you have ongoing reasons to stay "in the flow" towards your goals.Your coach will also help to uncover and dispel blocks on your way, such as fears or limiting beliefs.
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