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Ascension is basically  increased frequency and a change of focus of consciousness.


This ascension process is also known as "dimensional jump" from 3D to 5D and above.

Technologies for Ascension

Metaphysics is a meta-science, it is physical science  beyond the "science" known by our scientists and their measurement instruments that can only capture material and low frequency energy. The energy cascade of high frequency  is only perceptible with sensors that we have in our energy system, which is called Spirit and the faith in its existence, spirituality.


Technology is the study of techniques that lead to obtain practical and empirical results. In this case the result is ascension, which is basically an increased frequency and a change of focus of consciousness.


By raising the frequency of vibratory fields of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies we can get into inner and outer harmony with the connection of the self-ego with the self-spiritual and have deeper understanding of reality and live in a permanent state of joy and happiness.


The technologies used for this purpose lead to harmonization with the use of techniques provided from higher dimensions of the Spirit and the Self-Spirit. They are practices and information that refer us to understand, comprehend and lead us to a state of unconditional love using the unification of the chakras and the formation of the body of light or energetic body.


States of conflict are the result of misunderstanding, disproof and therefore a state of fear that blocks the flow of love. These programs in the level of mind, cells and DNA, which are removed through the using of these practices.


These programs are part of the reality created by consensus, it is what many people call the Matrix or the "System" which was created for ourselves to experience the development in disconnection with the self-spirit and be able to experience duality, the intellectuality, the will and the instincts




The 3 Principles


The meta-science applied to the study of the mind and human behavior. It is the code that crosses in a multidimensional way the subtle and dense planes of human existence, energy and matter in a unified relationship of information, of cause and effect, thus creating what current science knows as the quantum field of the human mind and emotions. .


The three principles of the Psychoquantic 

mark a considerable distance with the scientific Psychology product of the intellectual activity whose limits are in the same frontiers of the rational mind.


The three principles that allow a quantum construction of the mind and human behavior are:


  1. The mind conceived as rational and intuitive. Where the intuitive mind contains the rational mind. The intuitive mind can to knowing wisely without to knowing intellectually. It is holistic and unified, does not require fragmenting reality to understand it, quite the opposite. The total capacities of the rational mind cannot be accessed from the rational mind, so the use of the intuitive mind allows the expansion of rational capabilities. Knowing without intellectual process and knowing intellectually are its main processes, so the vision precedes theory and makes it relative and therefore irrelevant.

  2. The irrelevant time. A holistic conception of time and space. Beyond relativism, he understands time as quantum and close to human consciousness. The three temporal planes are considered as an expression of only the present, conceiving the present, past present and future present and representing the collapse of time as the infinitesimal approximation of the three temporal planes, thus being able to experience eternal time and perceive timelines that govern the creation of realities as a fabric of segments of infinity of time lines.

  3. Inner world proyect outer world. Quantum phenomenon, defined by the phenomenon of creation of realities from the mental-emotional construction that brings to the material dimension a manifestation from the field of the unmanifest and its infinite possibilities. Therefore the external world is conceived as a projection of the internal world. The quantum mechanics of the photon describes the partition of the same particle at the border of events thus creating an inner and an outer version as two sides of the same coin simultaneously and spontaneously. This field that generates the border of events is a consequence of the uniqueness that concentrates the human consciousness in the pineal gland as a physical point in connection with all other dimensions of existence.

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