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About the School



Sungate Mystery School is a projection in the field of our reality, collectively created by all of us in the frequency of self-spirit with the awareness that we are all one and we all are in the process of ascension. This option is available for the entire human race and will start with all those individuals who are so proposed.


In ancient times these spaces were called mystery schools. This is because for much of humanity from the ancient world, with the level of information and knowledge available, this represented a mystery available only  in understanding to an elected few and initiated.


Due to the level of knowledge and information available today for an increasingly large number of human beings, these themes are no longer a mystery and have become a metaphysical and technological knowledge.


About  Thotse Sirius


Let me introduce myself, my name is Fernando Santa Cruz Gamarra and the name of the function that I am representing at this time, that I talk to you, is Thotse, which means in an old forgotten language "which one harmonizes with Thoth," which is an approximate translation.


Thoth was worshiped as a god in ancient Egypt, related to Hermes Trismegistus, sage of antiquity. He is also related to Serapis, an ascended master of the ancient mystery schools. He was  worshiped under the name of Osiris in Atlantis. His energy has been active around on this planet long ago.


My function as Thotse is to be an information channel of your self-spiritual, decoded so that it reaches your self-ego in this dimension of space, time and material, in addition to other multiple frequency fields of your own existence. Thus I support your ascension process.




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