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Fernando Santa Cruz

I came to Pisac from Lima, my hometown, guided by a call. This call began in the year 2000 in the city of Cusco, with an experience of contact with Inkas ascended masters, who forwarded me their cosmo vision. In November 2012 I knew it was time to close the cycle, as the conditions were given. So I came to settle at Pisac, a place that I did not know, leaving my profession as a mechanical engineer, my life in the city and my family. Well, I managed to  gradually shutdown some of the programs I was carrying from the system. This journey allowed me to see more clearly the apparent reality that underlies our existence.

Hello, my name is Thotse and I am the founder and director of Body Arts institute.


I'll start by confessing that I am an engineer, was born in Lima and lived in Pisac, Cusco since 2012 until 2016. I live in Lima city currently.


I practice conscious nutrition, with serious tendencies to just live of prana during my years in Pisac. Now in Lima, I related again with food in a new way. Blessed ignorance.

I was terribly bored with classrooms so I had a serious incompatibility problem with the education system.


My whole childhood and adolesence were just null socially because of my sensitivity to the energy of the people around me.


I'm a Pisces with Pisces rising, Goat at the fire house in chinese astrology and Projector 2/4 in my Human Design .


I practice yoga, meditation and believe in the cosmic human. I play guitar, drums and I love the drums set. I like drawing sacred/holographic geometry, painting, singing and occasionally dancing. 


I'm not a scholar, nor a gifted , even I'm not armed with university master's and PhDs, not a guru, not a mystic, not a new age prophet . I'm not a holy man, I do not even like to dress in white. No covet money or power. I do not pretend to be famous or prominent .


I consider myself a sort of leader without followers because I'm not interested in proselytizing or to have followers.


My main strength is that I have achieved a symmetry that allows me to balance in a practical way my two brain hemispheres, in connection with my intuitive mind (heart). So, I experience time as irrelevant. I discarding the obsolete, integrating the old with the new and putting aside the banal and helping others to find this path.


I have managed to overcome the barriers that separated me from my inner world and I feel very comfortable exploring it holographically and watching my own essence . I have no static objectives, because my goals are aligning to the energy of the moment .


I consider myself a catalyst, someone who integrates, accelerates and makes things happen more spontanously with harmony in order to create new visions and realities to share with others. I don't seek the ultimate truth of things, but the practice of mindfulness in daily life.



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