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Holographic Attention






"Your Holographic Attention is your self-mastery, it is the implementation of your current maximum capacity, the state where your essence lives and expresses"




Virtues of love



This is the state where your heart and innumerable virtues of love are expressed by themselves, spontaneously without having to remember or adhere to rules of life or morality sustained by the mind.

Evolution of Vipassana


Holographic Attention is a multidimensional evolution of state, with varying degrees of equivalence that is the "seed" found in the vipassana (buddhist tradition in India) zazen (zen in ), "the direct route"-dzogchen-rigpa (Tibet), contemplation, monitored (or esoteric gnostic christianity) stalking your self (shamanism), memories of himself (Gurdjieff), self-observation (sufism), etc. The "seed" takes a name according to the specific teaching tradition. 


Encoded forms of induction to this state, will help practitioners of the disciplines mentioned above empower and elevate the states already reached . These practices also include the art of quantum pause ("square breathing" of yoga).

Healthy the pineal gland


From the point of view of the physical body this state requires the development of a set of new "pathways" of nerve connections, brain neural networks and glands, mainly on the pineal gland. The initiation of a Holographic Attention, healthy physical body, particularly to this gland, triggering a process to return to the state of splendor, directly or indirectly.

Activation of the 6th and 7th sense


The constant re-experiencing of the states of your Holographic Attention have innumerable benefits at all levels of Being. Strengthening and leading to activation of the 6th and then the 7th sense, or sense of connection with the  Unity.


In particular, it is a state of integration experienced in entirety as a single organic unity, alert awake, de-identified with internal and external processes, full participation with all but "disengaged" from this, high intuitive insight, comprehensiveness, centering and transmutation of energy-matter-emotions-thoughts, and expands to take a Multidimensional quality.


Harmony and organic beauty


Purified by raising the vibrational rate of everything  experienced from this state in the internal and external world, including the old  automatic patterns, physical dysfunction, etc. to a new level of harmony and organic beauty. This process is done by allowing the influx of Source Intelligence, that comes through Witness, embeded experienced in the global reality, raising the vibratory rate and re-ordering it in the direction that The Source wants to manifest.


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