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How does a disease appear?

First is what we observe, from this observation we put a sense, some thoughts. Thoughts are the title that I put under experience and it is unconscious.



Why is it unconscious?


It is evident that  "people are bad", that  "nobody loves me", "you have to suffer". Beliefs from which provoke resent.


This energy must always return to the outside. If not, it stays in the body and comes out through illness, symptom.



When the resent is not expressed


All diseases are related to resent, but if we can not change this expression it is sometimes better to make a beautiful painting, or playing the piano, etc.


Once you have gone abroad and we can observe new thoughts arise about it the main problem most of the times is that the resent is locked in the unconscious, it is not expressed, spoken, processed, but through the symptom of the disease. This gives us information about dissatisfied needs in an unconscious level.

The disease is... 
... a perfect solution program, programmed, triggered and executed by the automatic brain in a current internal transposed biological, uncontrollable psychological conflict (and/or simply unmanaged) in the psychic space that corresponds exactly to the conscious, and/or psychological conflict that is stored in the biological memory of the person, which comes from its ancestors, parents, himself, and even his descendants, and is reread in the biological unconscious level.

The Biodecoding  (Bio-Neuro-Emotion) is part of the symptomatology of the disease and studies the biological programs that nature has to adapt to the environment.



The disease does not come from outside


In the practice of Biodecoding the disease is not static or comes from outside, it is a process that has meaning and is considered to be a biological program that gives a biological response (condition of an organ) to a conflict that the mind could not resolve.



The biological meaning of illness


The Biodecoding is a research discipline whose goal is to discover, find and identify the biological meaning of illness and decode it. It is is a methodology that is used to optimize the treatments that any patient receives, whether allopathic , complementary or traditional .



how does it do ?


Using the methodology of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) , Ericksonian Hypnosis , The Transgenerational and Biological Cycles Record.



The hidden key emotion


Biodecoding is the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden key emotion ( the resent ) and the associated symptoms ( disease ) for decoding and thus promote healing by releasing the emotion in the unconscious and beyond that emotion transforming the physical body. The result can be immediate or delay depending on the persons capability of releasing and detach from the key emotion.


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