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silence and inner balance,

this is a place of clarity and projection"



Shared nature,

a weekend to focus and live from your center, accompanied by natural  ​​tea, aromatic essences and exquisite silence.

Indulge in your inner most internal spaces, focusing from your center, so splendid and perfect, projecting what you want to create in your life.

During two meetings a day we will be integrating our shared purpose of meeting  to honor our individual intentions.

What do you want to create

in your life?


During this weekend you will have the opportunity to go deep into this process, creating a focus from the Silence of accomplishment, supported by not eating solid foods and no talking.

Why fasting?


Fasting allows you to uncover emotional spaces that may block the life you want to create, emotions that you might ignore and hide from in your daily life.

For whom?


Dedicated to therapists and people who are already in the process of healing and want to continue to deepen and refine their impeccability, silence and inner balance that characterizes us slowly.



Only 3 - 6 person for each retreat.

Our goal is give the best support, for that we only tend and focus deeper on each client.

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