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"The Universe will guide us along a path between infinite paths"





Welcome to our retreat program for creating harmonious and beautiful realities in your life.


The Milestone


The retreat program 3 days of tea will provide participants a milestone in their development processes of consciousness supported through fasting and silence.


Deep sensitivity


These three days represent a period of particularly intense drawing deep sensitivity to be achieved with no food intake and not talking.


The realization channels


Fasting allows us to open our receptive and conductive to the realization channels. Through detachment from food we can understand the dynamics of it and put our intention into action without attachment to results, letting the universe work as co-creator.


We'll let our care receive the signals of the universe and so guide us along a path between infinite paths .


The energy transfer


We will implement the transfer of the creative energy of rational / logical mind (brain) to the intuitive mind (heart), thus we'll loose the illusion of control. Twice a day, all participants will gather our intentions in a group in one purpose, sharing tea and essences.


The guide


Thotse, founder and director of Body Arts Institute, will guide the process with the experience and sensitivity needed to develop these processes of consciousness.

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