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Fasting process support




The process of fasting (3 days of tea) will represent a milestone in the even broader personal development of each participant process.


For this reason it is important to address the previous days and the days following this event in order to clearly be able to experience all the benefits that this activity represents. It is important to be clear about our intent and what we create in our lives to work deeper with the fasting.


This clearly requires a review of many concepts, many emotions and many experiences that we are going through and it is required to define a

focus of intention.

The work of defining the focus of intention is the previous work, this may require the support of a coach in order to help establish a clear vision.


This work can be made up to one week before the 3 days of tea, in three sessions inter-daily  of 1:30 hrs. each session.


The central tool for this previous work is the identification of the participants Human Design.


Further work is corresponding to processing everything that he experienced during the 3 days of tea.


You take all the experience and all previously focused to give an order for extending the result so that it can penetrate deeply into our lives and create the reality of harmony in our lives.


This work of pre and post fasting is part of a larger work to which we can help you.


Human Design Coaching

Psychoquantic Mentoring

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