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tools and techniques
We will implement many different tools for helping you, such as telephone conversations, online interactions, journaling, goal-tracking, homework and assessments. At the same time, they will always center their approach around your specific preferences and needs, making it possible for you to take ownership of your behaviors, actions and life.
1. journaling
Journaling is a great coaching tool. It allows you to express your thoughts and feelings constructively, work through coaching issues, gain greater self awareness and more.
Your coach might choose to assign thought-provoking topics for you to write about based on the work you are doing together. Journaling has been shown to be effective in a number of regards, including providing focus, improving health, and reaching goals more quickly.
2. Goal Tracking
Holistic coaching is all about helping you close the gap between how you feel now  and how you want to feel. Understanding that the outside world is a reflection of the inner world of each person.
We will set goals based on our internal world intentions and states of being that we want to achieve by giving flexibility to the form of the results in the external world.
We can then track your progress towards these stages of being you're looking for. This gives you a motivation to achieve them, and to create a clear and actionable strategy for reaching an experience of wellbeing.
3. Strategy and Action
The main advantage of holistic coaching is to help create new strategies, behaviors and flexible perspective, breaking the rigidity.
This way you will know to adapt to new situations, since the reality in front of us is constantly changing, the ability to adapt is vital and the ability to understand and comprehend the seemingly advaersos events is very important to maintain positive thinking and emotional stability . 
We will post the tasks that are specific, measurable and elastic elements. You'll need to follow through with your commitments and take action to achieve their goals.
Taking action is critical in this process, and the establishment of the task is the perfect way to take concrete action.


4. assessments and adaptability
During the process could create targeted assessments on certain action items. The evaluations will help you locate obstacles, challenges and opportunities on the road to achieving your goals.
Coaching assessments are valuable because they allow evaluating yourself, to measure their own progress, and thus becomes a partner to achieve your purpose and your own success.
Assessment will allow us to conduct a feedback for flexibility and adaptability in implementing our strategy


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