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"you will put these 9 days at service of your physical, mental and emotional wellness"


a foothold to improve your work and your family life



Nine days to devote to your health and physical, mental and emotional wellness, guided for holistic life coaching. To achieve a significant leap in your evolution of consciousness, giving you a foothold to improve your work and your family life.



general structure


This retreat is fully customized, only has a general structure. The use of holistic tools, such as:


  • human design chart

  • holikinetic yoga therapy 

  • nutrition programs and fasting


are applied and regulated according to the needs of each client.



6  days to   


know where you are and how you feel

know how you want to feel

define the goals and the intension

define the strategy and the flexibility

detox your body, mind and emotions



3  days to


focus in your center

clean your intention

create the new feeling

detox deeper

Refocus to harmonize your life


This retreat will become a starting point for a change, to provide opportunity to refocus all those things you can not handle in harmony in your life. To see more clearly all those things that are within you and manifested externally by you unconsciously.

In a beautiful location


We will put nine days at the service of ourselves in a retreat located in a beautiful location with beautiful nature isolated from all disturbing elements. We will initiate a process that will then follow in our daily lives.



Only up to10 people for each retreat. Our goal is give the best support, for that we only tend a few at a time so we may focus deeper with each client.

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