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who uses PHY coaching?
Three surveys of coaching clients conducted by the International Coach Foundation have found that people seek out life coaches to help with several core issues (ICF 1998, ICF 2004, ICF 2009).
  • Self confidence, time management and work/life balance are strong motivators for seeking coaching.
  • Career opportunities, business management and work performance are also core motivators.
  • Improving relationships, interpersonal and communication skills, and family dynamics are reasons people seek out coaching.
  • Physical fitness and wellness are also areas clients consult with coaches.

"PHY coaching is all about helping you close the gap between how you feel now  and how you want to feel"


PHY coaching
PHY coaching is all about helping you close the gap between how you feel now  and how you want to feel.
For that, PHY coaching uses holistic tools for physical, mental and energetic work to provide support to individuals wishing to make some form of significant changes happen within their lives.
what do you want?
Coaches help individuals to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfil their needs. The Coach generally takes the individual’s agenda as its start point.  
your human design
The basis of this process is the knowledge of our own genetic design that helps us to understand how this is manifested in our personal characteristics.
detox deeper


For this process, detoxification is central, not only through proper nutrition, but also mental, emotional and energetic detox.
the tools
For this goal we use coaching tools, and holistic practices and therapies:
Retreats in places of clean energy and clean air also provide a context of great impact.
know understand explore 
discover experience live

know and understand


Through knowledge is possible to understand the larger reality that lies behind all this apparent reality in which we perform.





Browse this augmented reality implies freedom from programs that have been useful in the past, but have to be reviewed in a new light.



discover and experience


This new approach allows us to discover and be aware of the universe around us and our true identity and potential of infinite possibilities.





It is giving us ourselves the opportunity to be at our full potential, living fully, clearly and freedom in our work, family and personal relationships, to experience the true fulfillment.

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